A Marvelous Mix of Music


It has been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy, but I have a new post for you today. Recently, I saw a concert that was a mix of Sones de México (a traditional Mexican music group) and Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues. This was a very interesting mix between Mexican music and blues music, but there are so many similarities in these two genres. The two groups started out by saying that both of these genres had started with people working in the fields. This was a very, very interesting combination of music, and I really enjoyed lots of the pieces they put together. There was also a great singing group, who called themselves Nadima, that sang along with the blues music. It was one of the most amazing concerts I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. Check out the videos below. They’re great videos, but they’re nothing compared to the caliber of the concert. I hope you like them. Disclaimer: There is one video half in Spanish, but if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s no big deal, because they’re going to speak in English, too.


One thought on “A Marvelous Mix of Music

  1. ¡Gracias por los videos! Me sigue impresionando lo bien que combinan el requinto y la armonica.
    Y coincido contigo: nada se compara con la vitalidad de la música en vivo, mucho más este concierto con la doble intensidad del son y el blues. De lo mejor.

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